Aged Care

As an Aged Care provider, you need the latest technology to assist with the provision of care.

At Alexys International, we understand the need for discreet systems that create a homelike environment but provide that extra level of safety. Our solutions are industry leading and designed to meet the needs of the modern Aged Care environment.

Nurse Call Systems

Alexys International designs, manufactures and supplies innovative solutions for your entire communications system. We service and maintain traditional analogue hard-wired and wireless equipment, as well as offering advanced systems to improve your ability to provide the highest standard of care.

Our highly experienced team have developed processes to support and improve the management of your facility. The Alexys team have designed our Aptus CMS to be the backbone of your nurse call infrastructure.

How can we help you with nurse call?

Aptus Critical Messaging System (CMS)

The Aptus Critical Messaging System (CMS) is a new generation of critical messaging. Features include native integration to nurse call, email, SMS, Android App, Spectralink (including Pivot), FIP, CCTV and access control. The Aptus CMS informs staff of all critical messages, allowing management to react to important events in a timely and informed manner.

The Aptus CMS captures the data that is used by the Alexys Predictive Dementia Care (PDC) system. PDC alerts staff to changes in each resident’s activities of daily living (ADL) and assists with the design of individual care plans.

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Alexys nurse call systems support your staff by providing critical care solutions for duress within high security areas.

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Real Time Location Services [RTLS]

Real Time Location Services (RTLS) is an invaluable way of ensuring asset security. Sometimes valuable assets seem to just walk out the door, and sometimes they just can’t be found in a large facility. An Alexys RTLS system prevents the frustration of being unable to find an item that you know is on the premises!

RTLS also provides instant visualisation of all asset locations and geofencing. Keep track of your assets with RTLS from Alexys International and save time and money.

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